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What is needed to take an idea & turn it into an audio work of art that sounds just like it does in your head? To help an artist take their vision from concept to creation, I've found that the role of a producer breaks down to two aspects: creative & technical.

As a producer, my intent is to offer a space where you can work through the process of bringing your artistic vision to a tangible reality. By creating a safe environment for you to be vulnerable & push your boundaries, we'll help unkink the hose of creative flow. Through collaborative brainstorming & facilitated workshopping, we'll create a space for you to move past any creative blocks, draw out the true intent of the piece, & lay down the best cut of your piece to "tape."

That being said, a song can't be heard by its full audience until it is recorded & mixed with the skill & attention it deserves. As a producer, my job is to ensure your best, most heart-felt take is captured through a solid foundation of tracking, with pristine recording & tones tailored to your unique sound, so you feel confident about your recordings before they're even mixed. Once we have your performance tracked in a way that you feel confident & good about, we'll work together to put the final mixing polish on the tracks.

Image by Susan Wilkinson

A few tracks I've had the pleasure of working on


I have had the pleasure to work with Brandon Cooke on a variety of different projects over the years, both in the studio and on stage.  Brandon’s attention to detail in tracking, engineering, and mixing is truly remarkable.  Whether it’s tracking a live band or flying in drum parts for a film score, Brandon’s work always hits the mark in the finest of ways.

Evan Hatfield

Solo Artist, Composer,
Session Musician


Brandon took on our project in 2020, planning to record a 5 song EP with just a couple months initial timeline. Cut to 2021 & we’ve added several more songs to release a full length album. Brandon was incredibly accommodating with the constant changes on our end. He worked hard to align his schedule with ours & was open & communicative along the way. He brought an energy to the room that opened us up to bring out the best in our takes. His smiles & positive happy vibes always made our stressful studio moments lighter. He dealt what we threw at him with love & kindness the whole project through. He took the time to learn what we wanted as a group & found creative ways to achieve our vision together. When he found we were exploring ideas in the studio, he would include his production thoughts & suggested certain ways to achieve our desired sound. In the end, we couldn’t have been happier with what we accomplished together.

Tim Witherow

Guitarist/When Wolves Count Sheep


Brandon is one of the most creative drummers I have worked with. He is a master of authenticity and groove in his playing and producing. His background in live events and engineering expertise make him invaluable to any project.

Willow Stephens

Solo Artist, Songwriter

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