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A bit about myself


Talking about yourself is always sort of an awkward fine line to walk, isn’t it? I have been working as a professional multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, & recording engineer in Los Angeles, San Francisco, &, most recently, Austin, TX, since 2011. I appreciate you taking the time to visit my little online home here… please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or just to talk about the meaning of life...

My Philosophy

My passion is partnering with artists to take their vision from concept to creation. Whether producing tracks, laying down drums & percussion arrangements, recording, or mixing, I'm here to provide the tools needed to transform an artist's vision into a tangible reality they are proud to share with the world.

Music Production

I got my start working in many recording studios around LA, such as Nightbird, Kingsize Soundlabs, Ultimate Studios Inc. & The Ship, where I cut my teeth learning the ins & outs of the many aspects that are required to make a great record. Being fortunate enough to work with artists such as Kamasi Washington, Glass Animals, & Chad Smith (to name a few), I was able to learn a great deal about the importance of artistic integrity & providing an environment that allows the artists to feel vulnerable enough to tap into their innermost artistic consciousness & properly transduce their art to the world.


After years of touring the States, playing drums for many Indie and jam bands, I opened my own production studio, Ironwood Recorders. As a producer, my intent is to offer a space where up & coming, as well as established, artists can work through the process of bringing their artistic vision to a tangible reality. I am there to provide both technical & creative support, & know when to let the artist run wild within their own artistic fury & just be present to record it properly before the idea is gone!

Drums & Percussion

Drumming obsession hit me like a freight train of at 11 years old & quickly overtook my very long shot dream of becoming a professional baseball player for the Anaheim Angels. Once I was lucky enough to receive my first drum set, drumming became a therapeutic daily practice in my dad's toolshed as soon as I got home from school. After gigging at most biker & dive bars in San Bernardino while in high school, I moved to Los Angeles to attend Musicians Institute & begin my career as a session drummer, both in the studio & on the road. It was in this time that I also co-founded bands like the Rebel Light & Paracosmic, joined The Blood Moon Howlers, & signed as an artist to Photo Finish & Dualtone Records.

I'm very grateful for the adventures drumming has led me on. From touring the United States to studying tabla in India with tabla great Shashanka Bakshi, learning rhythms & percussion arrangement from remote areas of Africa to the wild, rugged shores of Western Ireland, drumming has helped me to better understand life & share its stories with others. It has brought me great joy to bring this knowledge to artists that I work with, to be in better service of the song, the creative process, & the art of music.

A few Albums I've had the pleasure of working on

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